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Wieser GmbH Nutzfahrzeug-Service

Privacy policy

Exclusion of liability
Even considering the fact that we refer here to the websites of the most reliable partner companies only, we want to outline that we are not responsible for their content and we cannot represent their interests. These concerns all links mentioned at our website. Besides we are not responsible for the content of those Internet pages that have links to our site. We have no possibility to check all such pages.

Confidential data protection
We collect, process and use your data according to the legislation only. This data protection is carried out exclusively while visiting the offered web pages. It does not concern the Internet pages of other service providers mentioned at out site. You remain anonymous until we ask you to provide us with some personal information.

We request personal information only in case of need for obtaining of the right to exploit services of our enterprise provided at our website. Particularly this concerns business offers with necessity to fill in forms. While processing your personal data we rule out its disclosure. We do not transmit such information to the third parties without your written permission except the cases when we are to disclose it according to the legislation. However we want to call your attention to while transmitting these data through the Internet it can become known to the third parties and can be corrupted.

On your request we provide you with your personal information kept in our databases or delete it. If you want to check, delete or view these data, you should write to us. Our address is mentioned in this section. New offers e-mailing is provided to those clients who requested such information.